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David Pletsch has studied and taught the martial arts for 27 years and holds the title of Shihan. He has instructed in health clubs, martial arts schools and private sessions during his teaching career. While living in Saudi Arabia, Pletsch sensei taught martial arts to a multi-national group of students.

David Pletsch has been a paramedic for 24 years. He has worked in Central Oregon, Portland, OR. Vancouver, WA. Saudi Arabia and Northern Alaska, where he also provided security on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.

Martial training is a lifelong pursuit for Pletsch sensei. He has gained an understanding of real world encounters and brings this understanding of true individual combat into the classroom. He allows the student to learn in a safe and friendly environment without sacrificing an awareness of reality.

"The goal of studying Kosho Ryu Kempo is not collection and perfection of martial technique; rather, it is to allow a change to take place in the essence of a student, developing a mind that is tranquil and flowing. The bugeisha (student of the martial ways) must become fluid, not rigid, and intuitively receptive to subtle changes in posture and movement. He blends fearlessly with common movement to achieve a goal previously dictated by the underlying philosophy of the art."

-Pletsch sensei

Sharilyn Roe (Shodan) Instructor San Fransisco, CA

Mrs. Roe began training with Pletsch Sensei in spring 2003. She currently works as an SQL programmer for a clinic system.

Kit Hulse (Shodan) Instructor Vancouver, WA

After a brief introduction to Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo Mr. Hulse entered the US Navy for 7 years. After separating from the Navy he began training with the Taoist Tai Chi Society. Mr. Hulse has been training with Pletsch sensei since early in 2004. He makes his living as a semiconductor equipment engineer.